Female Energy

  {Turtleneck Vest & Bag // Thrifted }
{ Blazer & High Waisted Shorts// K-Mart }
  {Tights // Skillz }  {Socks // Forever 21}  {Boots // Gift}

Now I see why my family members call me "eccentric". My style is original, creating every piece to wear by thinking out of the box. It was raining all morning, so I quickly had to think of something to wear. Of course I didn't want to look depressing. Rain happens to be my favorite. The psithurism of the trees are like heaven in my ears. 

Due to my past Spring seasons, I haven't been embracing my bright colors. I've always thought bright colors made me look hideous for some reason. Probably because of my failing attempt of boosting my self-confidence. This year is different. I was incredibly happy to buy white haha. How lovely I look in all colors. I'm so motivated to show you more!
S.N. : I recommend everyone listen to the song Female Energy by Willow Smith. I like to meditate when I listen to this.


3 creative writers

  1. Love this look!


  2. Amazing outfit dear ! I like your boots ! :)

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  3. Cool look! I think I have the same stockings :)