Permanent View

Who doesn't enjoy the sunlight hitting you on your beautiful skin?! It's heaven, right? I find myself completely outside around nature. It's similar to a little girl shopping at a candy store. I can't help that me and God's creations have a deep connection. I guess I'm just cool like that ha.

  Honestly, I found this retro, vintage, floral shirt from the thrift store for $1.99. I sold it after I posted these pictures of me modeling it. That was out of my comfort zone to do. I always had this negative thought in my mind saying "You can't model because you're black." That's not true. A lot of my customers that shop at my store are different races and they actually LOVE how I style different pieces.

Don't ever let your mind or anyone tell you can't do something. At this moment, ANYTHING is possible. My doubts has been made by me majority of the time due to unbelief and what people are going to say. I declare that I break free from that mentality and develop a permanent view of faith. As you can see from my photos, I am stepping into my glow. I don't want a bipolar look at things, just give me the full joy every morning.


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