Who Are You?

Can you believe how time is going by so fast?! I could've sworn it was the summer. However, I'm glad 2016 is over. It was a rough year but I got through it by surrounding myself around people that love me from my beauty inside...
  A couple days, I was introduced to my true self. The questions ran through my mind thousands of times, wondering "Am I who I say I am?" That called for a photoshoot on my white wall by the rainy window and fresh air entering in my lungs. I found out that day.
(As I tell this story, I have a butterflies in my stomach !)

I had to take pictures with my undergarments on which was really uncomfortable at first. I was hiding my skin so much, putting my hands over each part I accused as a "flaw", covering my mouth, .etc. Then I started laughing to gain all of that happiness that I lost from broken relationships, failures, misguided plans, and everything that caused me trouble. I laughed so much that I almost cried. This was my first time actually dealing with my problems straight forward.

  It felt really damn good.

That's when the breakthrough came... I've made it.. I conquered my fears. Now all I want to do is take pictures of me smiling and tell so many stories about how I've overcame the fear of being myself. 
 The world had me believing that I needed to fit in the circle in order to be successful. What a lie.. 

  After a long talk with my boyfriend, his words sparked in my heart. God was talking through Him and it made me want to be free again. I have nothing to hide. I know who I am now and what I've been sent here to do..

DO you know why you're here?


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