What Shouldn't I Be?

Magical moments such as these, releases bondage from my soul. It's very rare to capture this time where I'm embracing my natural glow. Actually, this was the first time that I opened my heart and soul through a camera lens. Seeing me in my bare skin fills me up with power and a sense of peace.
    So many times we can go through our daily lives not knowing we're hurting inside because we're not true to ourselves. Find the problem. Dig deep.  
     I got inspired to this by a Youtube Channel that allows people to strip down their materialistic things that they have on there body in order to reach themselves to understand who they are. I took everything off and felt like a mermaid in the sea. The feeling I got was more than any type of feeling that I've ever felt before. You won;t be able to understand it, if you haven't reached that destination... I pray you do.

 I know that I can be anything I want. I know I can accomplish anything I desire. I'm a bright star that shines so high in the sky. 


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