Beneath Your Scars

Photo taken by: J. Cook Visionz

Before this photo-shoot, I was feeling drained and miserable about life. The thoughts in my head were so delusional. All of the questions I kept asking myself were in this shoot. I found confidence. Peace. Love in me. Also, the main focus for 2017 came to me while I was posing near the water. I zoned out so many times, letting my mind and soul rest among the waves, that I forgot that there were people around me. If it was the "past" me, I would NOT have took pictures in front of people due to my insecurities.
Now, it's different.

I can embrace myself when everyone is staring. I can dress however I want to dress. I'm reaching my freedom.


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  1. I love it. What a way to express you. Wow this really helps me. Trying to find my confidence when it comes to photography.