Bold Faults

    Blue + Purple = Magical Relaxation. Soak in peace and love. 

Ever since I got my hair braided in these brilliant colors, I've been overflowing with this fresh wind everyday. Well let me rewind first.
   I'm an artistic person that happens to be an introvert sometimes. The way that I express myself is through my artwork and my style. Inspiring others to do so as well. I've decided that I'll make myself more creative this year by my hairstyles and clothing. The whole idea behind it is to overcome the fear of being BOLD. That's my goal. To succeed I MUST do the impossible. 

  Now, I love this look. Its not just the colors that stand out; it's my glow. The boldness is showing through my facial expressions and my posture. My D.I.Y. Denim Jacket brought out that edgy, "I Don't Give A Fuck" look, with the eyes saying "I Have the Power To Be". 

We all have the power to stand out and stand up to anything that comes at us. It all starts with being bold in our character. Dress the way you want to; you'll rock it. Speak with authority; you got it. People may judge you for being yourself, but that should make you feel more powerful because you know you're doing something right.


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