Flaws And All

Soul searching underwater for my lost mermaid features
that were captured by wicked witches and demons.

Drowning slowly in my puddle of depression, suicide, oppression thoughts of ending

Bounding me to hell chains, since Prince called Purple Rain, and NOW  
you’re hear to kill
MY brains.

Until I Unleash
that Beast

Breaking free from the bloody nights, having sex with random guys, that only wanted to pain me deeper in my
Insides as they seek pleasure while I cry and die

When mistresses whips me with words of hell in the cell, burning my light to ashes on the ground
Saying DIE NOW…

But you know what…

I’ve learned from the tests maybe it’s time to get it off my chest
admit I’m the best to deal with so much
that it’s reckless to give up this to the next chick in line, waiting on me to die on time, so they can steal my shine..


Scars healing from the pain, turn that energy into sanity so I can break into a new form of creation, no can stand me
Be the Queen of the Ocean having dominion over the forces in my way to the success
Its a distraction.. God I know it..

Stretch marks, bumps, and shit don’t mean nothing more than perfection to top every creature and abort them

From my mission of COMPLETION….


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