Be Humble

Doing what you like is freedom, liking what you do is happiness.

For years, I have battled with not accepting my body. It all started with my rear end. I hated the stretch marks and the birth mark that I have on my right cheek all because of how society demonstrated that "perfect" girl with the great skin and no flaws. In high school, I wore longer shirts and put things in my pockets to hide my butt. When it came to swimsuits, I was ashamed of my body. 
But I couldn't hide it any longer. 

Since I started this Boldness Challenge, I have to deal with a lot of personal problems that have affected me over the years. When this came up, I panicked. The only way to accept my flaws, were to see them through another lens outside of my comfort zone. It was so hard for me to step outside that it took 10 minutes for me to calm down. Through the first 5 pictures, I began feeling better and better. 

My stretch marks were no longer a hindrance to me. 
I even came them a name; ocean waves. 
A meaning: These ocean waves were made to remind me of how many times I've been scarred by things that now mean nothing to me.


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