Take Me Away From Here

Taken by: J.Cook Visionz

Can I just acknowledge the fact that I look like someone's fairy godmother? I should've had my magic rock with me ha. 
 This dress is so beautiful! I originally bought it for my mom but she couldn't fit it. It couldn't fit me either so I made a belt by one of the sheer pieces and wrapped it around my waist to make it fit. 

 I never went to a high school prom or a dance. I was never apart of any activities in school due to depression. Thoughts would run through my mind wondering what would I look like in a prom dress. Would I be beautiful? Or would my flaws show? During that time, my self-esteem was low and bitter. I only wore clothes that made me blend in with other people. My physical appearance changed to match the slutty alter ego that I was portraying.. 

 "Beauty isn't in the physical, it's in the inner self."

I asked my photographer did I have to walk outside with the dress on and he agreed. A slight bit of doubt lingered in my mind but eventually went away when I took the first step. As soon as I took my shoes off, everything got better and better. All of my pain went away. My worries. Doubts. Past problems. Everything.

The best feeling is when you realize you're worth more than your situations. We're magical human beings. Everything is in our hands. At times, you just need to get away from your problems so you can float up high, receiving all of God's good energy He has stored in you.


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