Wake Up

Photographer : J.Cook Visionz

Black represents security.

I didn't understand why I felt to wear all black until the last minute. I tend to go with the flow, not over-thinking what to wear because I know it'll show why in the images. 
 At this time, I was battling with a damaged heart. Everytime pain was involved or bad treatment from others happened, I would send all of the misery into my heart, stashing it deeper and deeper inside. I failed to realize how bad that can be for my soul. I failed to realize how that can effect all of the things that I do.
When I saw that poster Let All that YOU do be in LOVE it was a wake-up call. Stop holding that pain within. Release all bad into the atmosphere and gain positive energy from God's creations. Yes, it's easy to say.. but do I really want to have a bitter soul like that? Hell no. 

 The woman that I am destined to be comes out of me every time I take pictures. She's a goddess. A queen. And that encourages me to transform into that woman.


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