Photographer: J. Cook Visionz

White means completion.

When no one loves me, I love me. I adore me. I got me. Too many times we depend on others to complete our own battles for us. Adapting towards the world's main troubles which is procrastination and lack of completion.
One of my recent accomplishments is becoming whole. I know who I am. I know who I am destined to be. I know my worth. I finally know what makes me happy. It's so much that I understand now. I changed my hair back to the normal colors to bring out the authority in me. Dressing in all white set the stage for my inner self to come out as well. I knew I was awaking something as soon as I found my white pants. 
My main focus was to allow the inner woman to shine. I was getting so upset with myself because I felt like I wasn't strong or bold enough to have that side of me. Well of course, I was wrong. It had to happen naturally.
In the last photo, I was looking at myself. Not physically, but spiritually. I saw a glow when I stared in my eyes. I saw the light.


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