If You Only Knew

Where have I been for the past weeks?! Let me fill you in on this seasonal shift. 

Everything starts at home, which is your inner self first before you get the physical home. My soul has been trying to reach me for the past years to shift my mindset from poverty to wealth. I grew in the ghetto and around people that had very little for themselves. Everytime I shared my goals or dreams with others, they replied with hatred or negative comments. That led me toward a blockage from God's true riches pouring in my life. So during this time apart from the world, I shifted my mindset and allowed God to fully take control over my situations. I saw a change instantly! I smiled naturally without forcing myself to. Heck, I'm smiling now.

A cleansing needed to be done in order to activate the power that God gave me. I asked the Universe to give me a new heart, mind, and soul that receives and gives unconditional love, peace, and wealth. The next morning I noticed I felt like the load was off of my back. Worries, doubts, and anxiety left the premises. I took the whole week to get right with God and understand where He wants to take me. 

My vision has changed. I have the gift of discernment. My power is activated to receive wealth, be successful, and be rich in all places of my life. I'm calling this season mine. There is a positive shift in the atmosphere and you can receive it if you stay aligned with God and the Universe. Get rid of your ego and allow the great Divine take over your situations.

Stop worrying about the past or the next and allow everything to happen according to the natural order. There are no mistakes in the Universe. We just make the problems due to our mindset. Everyone has the power to be wealthy, rich, and successful in all areas of our lives. Get there!

I speak life into everyone that reads this post and pray that you receive God's full abundance this season. Forgive yourself and move forward! We are unstoppable! 


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