Ride The Wave

My old soul tends to come out when I wake up in another dimension, jamming to A Tribe Called Quest or Common. That's where all of my creative juices flow. In the spiritual realm. I tune out all negativity around me and focus on my well-being. Isn't that what everyone should do?

 Majority of the world follows these trends and latest trash news that the system has made up to build the EGO. Basically meaning, you're being control and not living your life in a freely way. You go about your day showing a crooked smile when inside you're depressed and stressed out. The way to shut down your ego is by being content with yourself, being the inner you, and doing what makes you feel good. Ride the wave.

 Everything falls into place whether you know it or not. Our inner energy source convicts us when we think about or do something that's out of place. Get out of the ego and stand firm in your spirit. Your light that shines.


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