The Secret to Happiness

This smile that I have didn't always come out naturally. There were times I had to force it out and it would be more of a mean mug anyways. I sat in the mirror last week and laughed at myself so hard that I started crying when I saw how beautiful my smile was. I heard my spirit say "you are content now." 

 The secret of being happy is accepting where you are in life and making the most of it everyday. Really, that's it!?? Well yeah. As humans, we make things more difficult than they seem because of our mind. The Universe has everything aligned for us to receive but how could we get it if we are not cherishing this moment in life? Let me tell you a story.

 In December 2013, I was in Macy's with my grandma, Christmas shopping for my brother. She stopped and started talking to a couple that she knew and told me to go find my brother some clothes. I walked over to the clothes section and the man that my grandma was talking to walked over to me. He was smiling so big and I was frowning. He kept repeating "smile." I finally smiled and laughed. He said "your smile is what is going to get you to your future." I remember those exact words and will never forget that moment because that is true. Our smiles are so precious that it could make someone's day turn better and help us vibrate higher. 

 No matter what is going on in your life, be happy about it. Know that better is already in the spiritual realm and now making its way to the physical realm.


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