Welcome to the blog of Latravia Shelton!

Known as "Lay Marie", which is her artist name, she's a 20 year-old entrepreneur from Columbus, GA where most of the talent lies. Her first business, Forever Original, took launch in 2013 providing graphic & web design services internationally. Now she's working on "BeLAYourself", meaning Be Yourself & Love & Accept You, to inspire & motivate to reach freedom and enjoy your own light. 

Marie started graphic designing on Paintshop when she was 10 years old after seeing someone's pictures on Myspace with odd effects. Throughout the years, Marie designed to cope with bullying and sexual abuse. She felt that in her art, her pain spoke for itself. Later on, she developed her own style and started expressing herself more through photography and beauty videos on Youtube. 

No one could understand why Marie did odd things. Even she didn't know.

At the age of 20, gifts and talents began to activate in her life producing a vision of a particular dream. All of the things that she can do and went through can help people be set free from their problems, creating them a life they will forever enjoy.

As an overcomer of sexual & verbal abuse, depression, suicidal thoughts, and bullying, she's stepping in the light to influence others through visual and verbal forms of art. Photographs, fashion, music, digital art, and poetry are all used demonstrating powerful messages.

" I am on a journey to help create a dimension of people worldwide to reach that freedom and peace they truly desire. "